Short Story On Human Trafficking

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INTRODUCTION: Human trafficking is one of the worst underground business in the world. Women, children and men are sold around the world for prostitution, slavery and for labor. Bringing you a story that will leave you distressed. ONE While I was chatting with Sudhanva in Madhavan Park, a cricket field, I came across this story being told by an old man sitting beside me. It seemed about some boy and his life, soon I was interested and went straight up to that old man and asked, “Sir can you tell me the story of that boy?”. “Sure, sit”. Raja was a 23 year old boy living in the red light area of Mumbai. Mumbai is often regarded as ‘City of dreams’. Raja’s mother Shwetha was a prostitute in the red light area. Raja knew about this only when he was 16 years old, and from then he started hating his mother because of the profession she has chosen. He stopped talking to her. Raja was brought up in the midst of brothels, prostitutes, pimps and police raids. He had studied only till 10th class; he discontinued it soon he got to know about his mother. He had completely turned independent. He used to do small works of brokers and other people in the city and earned some money for it. Raja sometimes would fraud people to get some money. He would pickpocket people in local buses, trains and markets. He would always wanted more money in less time. He didn’t think much about the path he has to follow. Raja came to know about human trafficking, the money involved in it. He got to

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