Short Story On Maya At Daybreak

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There once was a little village located in a very dry and sandy place. A place in which one would believe is an uninhabitable, a place which resembled a desert. One might ask oneself how could a village spring from such nothingness, but this area was surprisingly heavily populated across many small villages, all started by a nomadic people who settled there when the conditions were favorable for life to come forth . But when the environment became harsh, the villagers did not leave so they adapted. The villagers from one would never see another from a different village because of the harsh environment surrounding them. The only time one person could see another person from a different village is when the water runners from different villages would see each other at the well, but this would rarely happen. The water runners were the people from the villages who would make a 20 mile trip from their village to get a supply of water for their village. Only the strongest in the village would be able to go because this trip was a hard and dangerous one. The trip to the well and back would take 1 1/2 days and the supply of water would last up to 2 weeks at most, so every two weeks the trip would have to be made. It was not unusual that people would die on this trip due to the…show more content…
The process of filling everything took a little over 2 hours, after that was done he got ready to leave. The trip back was always harder because of all the extra weight Paul and the camel had to carry. As Paul started to walk he notice something moving on the other side of the water, it was another person. Paul had never seen a villager from a different village, so he was curious but also scared at the same time. Paul just sat there and watched the other villager to see if he did anything different when getting the water. But the villager did
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