Short Story On Titanic

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It was scheduled to be the best summer of their lives, but it turned out to be the worst summer of their very short lives. The year was 2002 and the United Kingdom vowed to make a better Titanic that wouldn’t fail Donald and Sophia were set to enjoy an entire month on the magnificent island city Venice. They were also set to meet their grandmother for the first time. Donald, 11, and Sofi, 13, had such high hopes for this trip that they couldn’t sleep for three whole days. Don and Sofi were very surprised to say the least when their parents presented them with a decorated box. When they opened it they found two tickets to the Merseyside derby on May 14. Hidden beneath them were two tickets to the Titanic Mark II. Don and Sofi couldn’t believe it! They would attend the famed football match between Everton and Liverpool, and then head out on a three day luxury cruise to Venice, Italy. The siblings headed into Goodison Park in all blue with joy on their mouths and hope in their eyes. They came out singing after 16-year-old Wayne Rooney slotted away a 90 minute winner to sink the hearts of Liverpool fans. They songs didn’t stop until they reached home, and Don suddenly stopped and threw up all over the kitchen floor. It was simple stomach bug, but it did much harm as Don couldn’t go on the cruise. His parents decided that they would fly him out the next day, so he would still get to have fun with his grandmother. Don forgot all about his illness
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