Personal Narrative Essay: The First Titanic

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It was scheduled to be the best summer of their lives, but it turned out to be the worst summer of their very short lives. The year was 2002 and the United Kingdom vowed to make a better Titanic that wouldn’t fail Donald and Sophia were set to enjoy an entire month on the magnificent island city Venice. They were also set to meet their grandmother for the first time. Donald, 11, and Sofi, 13, had such high hopes for this trip that they couldn’t sleep for three whole days. Don and Sofi were very surprised to say the least when their parents presented them with a decorated box. When they opened it they found two tickets to the Merseyside derby on May 14. Hidden beneath them were two tickets to the Titanic Mark II. Don and Sofi…show more content…
His entire family were on the verge of tears as the gargantuan ship sped away on his voyage. Don couldn’t wait to see his sister in Venice. Don was prepared as his plane touched down on the small runway in Treviso, Italy. As he came into the airport, he saw a small, gentle woman holding a sign that read “Lingard,” his last name. He ran up and gave her a giant hug. After a day of sharing stories and eating delicious food, they were both worn out and ready to go to sleep. Don didn’t rest much. He was anticipating his sister 's arrival the next day. He woke up early the next day and turned on the news. He wasn 't prepared for the headline that came onto the TV screen. Titanic Mark II had sunken. Don was shocked. He didn’t know what to do, so he stopped thinking about it and started moving. 2 hours later, when his grandma woke up, she saw the news still on and a note on the coffee table that read “I’ll be back soon.” She lay down on the couch and started thinking about what to do next. She decided it would be best to wait for Donald to return. Don was running through the streets when he was stopped by a stranger,
“Why are you running?” questioned an old

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