Short Story One-Two-Three Little Indians

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Before the thirteen colonies, the Native Americans inhabited North America. In 1607, the first permanent English settlement, Jamestown, was established. As the population of Jamestown increased, the settlement was required to expand. This began a long track record of invading Native American land and taking it without permission. Long after, the United States was formed. The short story “One-Two-Three Little Indians” shows examples of the effects of colonization on Native Americans. The differences of culture between the Native Americans and the Americans caused them to resist their colonization, creating cultural conflict. “One-Two-Three Little Indians” is based in the early 1920’s. The story follows a Native American couple and their baby son. The…show more content…
One afternoon, the son becomes very ill. Big Jim attempts to take him to the doctor. The couple does not own a car, so he is forced to ask for a ride from strangers. On his way, Big Jim encounters a group of people in a car, and asks them for a ride. The driver states “I’ll see what I can do, Chief, after I take the girls to the beach.” (Garner 1). The clash of culture begins here. Big Jim, who is dressed in the standard Native American attire, is not taken seriously by the driver or the passengers due to his appearance. He refuses to adapt to the new cultural standards of the Americans. This creates the conflict between Big Jim and the people in the car. The driver then speeds off and does not return. Big Jim, after waiting an hour, begins to sprint to the doctor’s office. This is not the only time that he is not taken seriously by passing individuals. As he is running alongside the road, many of the
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