Marina Short Story Setting

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Setting the Scene
Quote: …”which was on a narrow residential crescent where all houses had small yards and were surrounded by tall brick walls to provide privacy for the residents. I loved her street because without cars,stores,vendors, and beggars, it was quiet. The air was filled with mouthwatering fragrance of sauteed onions and garlic.”
In the beginning of this short story the setting takes place in the author 's house. Later it is explained to us that this story is set in Tehran, Iran. This particular quote shows us the setting of a wealthier, better looking neighborhood then the rest of the story is set. The author does a great job of helping us to understand the difference in the the settings in this story. We assume or infer that Marinas neighborhood isn’t as nice as this neighborhood, because of
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It gives a backstory for the reasoning behind Marina wanting to get money from her. This shows how important getting the next book is to Marina.

Building Suspense
Quote: “My mother didn’t mind. I thanked Sarah and ran to the bookstore to find it as dark, dusty, and mysterious as my first visit. Again, the old man emerged from the darkness.”
The suspense that is being built here is shown throughout this passage the passage before and as well the passage after. I chose this particular passage because the reader can actually feel the suspense as she talks about the “dark, dusty, and mysterious bookshop.” The suspense shown in the passage before is if Sarah is willing to trade money for the pencil box. The suspense in the passage is her mother believing where she is and her walking into the creepy bookshop. The passage after is building suspense about the old man letting her buy the second book. The author does a great job of building suspense throughout the story and keeping the reader interested in what will happen next.
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