Short Story Review: The Last Dog By Katherine Peterson

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In the short story “The Last Dog” by Katherine Peterson, A person named Brock wanted to go outside of the dome. Everyone living in the dome is a clone. Brock saved a dog from being cloned and tested on. I learned that you shouldn’t always trust what other people say all of the time. You should trust your instincts sometimes. Also it is good to help people and animals. I thought the author did a good job describing the outside world and showing emotion in the characters. I knew how brock felt to have a pet for the first time in his life.

She described the outside world as empty and barren. When Brock went outside there wasn’t anything for a few miles. Brock wanted to go outside no matter what other people told him. He trusted his instincts. All other people that had gone outside the dome never came back. When Brock found the dog he was worried because it was drinking the water which was presumed poisonous. He took the dog back
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He depicted the dome as large metal and controlled. The dome had controlled lighting and temperature. Everyone there was a clone and they were raised in a lab. He described the dark ages as weird. Because the dome people don’t have mothers, but people in the dark ages did. The time was very different from today than it was to them. The dark ages were during our time. They studied different types of books that were made during the dark ages to learn about the the people in that time.

In my opinion the theme was good and bad. The lesson learned was a common lesson people are telling anyway. It was an overused lesson. I thought the story was good. The author did a good job describing people and places. Even though the time was in the future I could still understand it. The theme was a good lesson to teach people. It’s not always good to listen to what everybody else says. Sometimes you do need to follow your instincts. The people could be right or
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