Short Story Rocking Horse Winner

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Do We Own Money, or Does Money Own Us?
(Three Messages From the Short Story Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence)

Money, money, money. That seems to be something that has almost taken over the world. It has become the most relevant thing in our society today. Everyone is chasing it, and everything involves money. No longer is anything free, everything comes for a price. Sometimes bad things happen because of situations with money as well. People are dying over a piece of paper. All they want to do is please themselves or someone else so they put themselves in bad situations to obtain the money. They want something so little that they will risk their lives to get ahold of it, there is something wrong with that. In the short story Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence, the author talks about this sort of thing. Mother at home wants money and all Paul, the kid, wants to do is make her happy. This is yet again a
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You see it all the time, so many people focus on things so hard and so much that they literally break themselves down. Once they do this the anxiety can kick in and their life can slowly start to just crumble. In the story this is exactly what happens to Paul. He is so focused on trying to make his mother happy that he literally drives himself insane. In the short story it says “There must be more money! There must be more money!” It says that the boy has been hearing the house whispering this to him, but it is actually him just going mad. His mother continually talks about money so he stresses out over it so much that he is driving himself crazy. He hints that this is what people do in general, maybe not to this extent all the time, but it happens. We get so focused on stupid things that it consumes us. It’s all we ever think about and it slowly kills us. This leads into the next part as
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