Brief Reflection On The Short Story, Rosa Parks

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After reading the short story "Rosa Parks Takes A Seat" I have a few things to reflect on about the story. Firstly is that I had pictured multiple things that happened in the story. The first thing I had pictured was a group of African Americans without seats on a bus with seats. The next scenario I had pictured was the carpool which had resulted from the boycott, which was needed to make daily life continue. Lastly I will go into greater detail and explain the situations and also tell you what the situations mean to me and then I will compare them. African Americans had faced many challenges with discrimination one involving busing where they had boycotted busing and made a carpool to continue on with regular life due to the boycott of the city buses.

After reading the article I must say
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The first situation pictured to me is where African Americans are just in the back of the bus in a big crowded group just because one white man needed a sit and they had to leave the row, so they are standing when there are empty seats. This makes me feel anger as how intolerant we can be to someone just because of their skin color and that we can’t sit next to them and we can just make them give up their seats even though they got there before us just because they are African American. I picture the second situation as this huge area in the middle of town with rows and rows of cars just available for people to carpool and then I see a bunch of people waiting to get into a car. This situation I pictured made me amazed with how the overcome and stood up to discrimination in the South and happy that they could boycott something and amazed that they figured out away to do without buses. I remember this situation because of how amazing and courageous they were for boycotting the bus and setting up a carpool to allow daily life to continue without busing and allow they boycott to
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