Short Story: Sacrifice For Murder In Trans-Canada

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Liam was walking away from Parliament Hill to rejoin his family in Montréal. Things were normal for the rush hour. People were occupying the sidewalks. Car and buses were packed on the streets. He really thought that today would just end normally. Suddenly, there came a huge bang! People started screaming and ran away from the National War Museum. Cars were honking as the drivers and passengers feared for their safety. The noise started to become louder as shooters started to approach closer. The city was under a lockdown. There was no time to waste. Liam quickly got into his Audi. Right when he entered Elgin Street, his car’s back window was shattered. He realized that the shooters were right behind him. He was stuck, since the cars were …show more content…

Liam was both excited and nervous. Here was his chance to help the police to get the shooters. There was another problem. If this pursuit continued into Québec, they would start planning a target somewhere in Montréal. The shooters showed no mercy. They started ramming police cars and downing officers. Some courageous citizens were no match for them. It seemed more likely that they would continue to Montréal as they crossed the Québec-Ontario border. Liam realized that someone needed to be a hero for this attack, or else more lives would be taken away. He started ramming into the shooters’ car. At first, he was uncertain, since other drivers had done the same and failed. He was later surprised that he had weakened their speed by popping out one of their tires. Liam was fighting hard to block them away from the metropolis of Montréal. He was also happy that he was doing a good deed for the police. It ended in an awesome way when one Montréal cop rammed into the terrorists’ car, permanently destroying it. All the shooters, which seemed to be radicalized by ISIS, surrendered to police. Liam got a bravery award the very next day for his

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