Short Story Seventh Grade By Gary Soto

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In the story, “Seventh Grade,” Victor, the main character, tries to enamor a girl named Teresa, in the process he embarrasses himself but through persistence, he ultimately succeeds. For instance, the author, Gary Soto, writes in paragraph 12 that, “Victor tried a scowl, he felt foolish until in the corner of his eye he saw a girl looking at him. Ummm, he thought, maybe it does work, He scowled with greater conviction.” As the evidence concludes, Victor is flustered, because he felt foolish. Also, he still persists with the humiliating actions, even when he is getting looked at like he was weird. In addition, in paragraph 43, the text states, “Mr. Bueller asked if anyone knew French. Victor raised his hand, wanting to impress Teresa. The
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