Case Study Shin Dong Hyuk

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In a winter morning on 2nd January 2005, two camp prisoners Shin Dong Hyuk and Park were assigned the task of collecting firewood from a nearby mountain near an electric fence, when they try to make an escape. Unfortunately, Park get’s electrocuted by the fence but park’s body served as a shield that aided in Shin’s escape. While escaping he recalls his atrocious condition in the camp. Why he was in prion was still a question. In fact, he never committed any crime. It’s a strict rule in North Korea that if you do a crime and are sent to a concentration camp, then three generations of your family are by default sentenced to their doom. Shin never did anything wrong. He was suffering because of his grand father’s doings, which probably wasn’t…show more content…
Shin even thought that it wasn’t real. One day, while working his daily routine, A thought came from nowhere and hit his head. Why should he work like this? What has he done to deserve this? Nothing. He didn’t plan on leaving the camp because he was not free or liberal but because he didn’t deserve it. So he plans an escape with Park. One day during the winter, Shin and Park were sent to the mountains to collect firewood. Observing the guard patrol pattern, once they were out of site, Shin and Park make their escape. Park goes first but is electrocuted between the wires. But his body created a small space in between the wires and also acted as a shield that aided in shin’s escape. On his way, he slept in an old barn. The next morning, he was greeted with shock. People (North Koreans) moving around as they like freely, wearing different coloured apparels and bandannas and eating food! He was so deprived, that this was a surprising site. This was the most shocking site that Shin recalls. He also recalls that the best times in his life were the times when he a 1 hour to 30 minute break while working. At that time, he would forget all his worries and his everyday beatings from his own mother and just play around. I recall boys and girls not eating food because they are on a diet and then here is this boy who thought eating rice was a luxury! The of
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