Short Story: Staying With Grandma

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Staying with grandma isn’t so immoral. After a week or so at grandma, I always start to become a bit antsy. I like to keep busy so after so long at grandma’s I grow very restless. I decided to venture outside. To see what I can find. Then, I came across an old dilapidated shed. This began the most fascinating time of my life. Every summer I spend two-weeks with my grandma in the mountains of West Virginia. Her farm is in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors. After the first week of the excitement it dies down. Grandma makes me help with the barn chores. Helping with the animals isn’t so sinful, however, it isn’t my idea of fun. One afternoon while grandma was napping I slip outside to explore the grounds of the farm. As I said before, the shed was a run…show more content…
Jingle, but I don’t even know you, and why would I bring you here. Why are you dress like that.” Jingle explain to me that I brought him by shacking the snow globe. “He said it is a portal to The North Pole. “But how did it develop here I asked Jingle? “You mean she hasn’t told you?” You don’t know I guess. But how did it you acquire here I asked Jingle. You must not have been told by grandma. The strange little person told me that Mr. Clause had given the snow globe to his only child! “Okay, wait, wait, wait a minute. Mr. Clause is my great grandfather. That is not true but then again. “Then why don’t you ask your grandmother Jingle said”. Then about that time there she was. “It’s time we talk”! Marie, Santa Clause is your great grandfather. Isn’t this cool but I’m feel sick I think I’m going to! Then I seen star. Then I was back to normal. But I wasn’t home though. There was a sign that said North Pole. I was lost for my words. Is this real. But then I saw Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause. He looked and said welcome granddaughter it been long.. But then the room started to spin. In spiral ways. Suddenly I roused up in my bed. Grandma said it is time we have a real talk this is

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