Short Story Summary: Education By E. B. White

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The short story that I recently read was Education by E.B. White. E.B. White was an American writer and world federalist who was born in 1899 inside of the state called New York. To be a world federalist meant that they were a movement that advocated for the establishment of a global federal system of strengthened and democratic global foundations subjected to the policies of subsidiarity, solidarity, and democracy. The previous information about E.B. White was researched online due to the fact that within this rhetorical piece he never once introduced himself. On the other hand, if this story is nonfictional then perhaps we do know a piece of White’s life. If this was nonfictional then we would know at some point in time White and his family moved from living within the city to living in the country and the biggest transition was his son’s education. …show more content…

I can hint to the aspect that Mr. White is a family man who cares for his family before he starts worrying about himself. I think as him as a traditional man who works hard for his family. I am implying this information about Mr. White due to the fact that within the story he tries to provide his family with the best situations. He stated that he believes that the best situation for his son is to attend public school considering that you meet a greater variety of children. The author didn’t explain who or what he is because first of all that would be boring for the reader and second of all he wanted to write a short story and not an autobiography. He wanted the reader to focus on the story and just the story rather than focusing on him as well as his views. He wouldn’t write an autobiography in a journal, a journal is where I believe he constructed this piece, he would construct an autobiography for a newspaper or magazine and he’d keep his journal for personal

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