Short Story Swimming

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Swimming is a short story that takes place in a small port city, a place where there is very warm, very long time so it must be south of Denmark. All inhabitants of the town, keeps inside, as it is extremely hot. The city is located next to the water and mentioned some fishermen, indicating that it is a city where there is a dock work. The main character sits on his work and can look out at the water, which is quite quiet, and at the water 's edge where nobody passes, despite the warm temperatures; it 's been too hot, which has led everyone to stay home.
Our main character has repeatedly seen out on the blue water and would go swimming. She has repeatedly gone down to the water and took her clothes off, but she has never come down and swim. She is afraid that some see her, not because there is anything wrong in being out to swim, but she must have her reasons why she has not done it.
The main character is a woman who has many thoughts about her and about society. She thinks about why that there are some past and whether there will be some when she will go swimming. She also thinks about what the passers will think if they see her swim. When she is out and swims she thinks much of the swan and the stories she heard about what a swan can do. For example, that she heard that a swan could break a grown man 's arm with a blow. In this context, she thinks, what it can do to her. There you get from knowing that she is not big physically, since it 's something she worry about.

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