The Journey To Freedom-Personal Narrative

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I was lying on the ground inside a dimly lit cell soaking in my blood and I was terrified, feeling the last bit of my strength slowly leaving me. I tried to fight back the fear and helplessness that I felt knowing that I was a going to die, but it was something that could not be accomplished in moments like these. I was starting to feel the numbness replacing the pain of my mutilated body.

“Say… Do you want to live forever?” A distant and foreign voice sounded in my head. I was too far gone to even acknowledge it.

“If you do not decide soon… you may really die for good this time. “The voice was nearing closer and closer. It woke me up from the feeling of fading into oblivion.

I painstakingly lifted my head and looked around the room. I expected to see the face of my jailor, but all I saw was the silhouette of a man shrouded in violet smoke. The smoke covered him and all that could be seen was a faint outline of a person standing inside it. Coincidently, he was standing atop my shadow as if complementing it.

Slowly, a dark violet hue spread all over the entire cell. I was still on ground shivering not knowing what to fear. I assumed it was the angel of death that came to show me
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As a slave, you have no free will. You have been living under the threat of imminent death even without this useless trial of power with that frail body of yours. I understand that you want everything to end right now, but you really have no choice other than continue living for now. The sooner you accept that I am here to save you, the better your future will be from now on. I am only an errand runner today, I am not here for your pitiful soul. “ He was practically begging me to accept his nonsense. I could feel that my mind was being taken over by the demon’s eagerness to hear me agree to his proposal. Would I be signing away my soul if I agreed? Maybe there was some other hidden agenda inside this demon’s head. Nothing had made sense from the
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