The Border Of Hope: A Short Story

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The border of hope Ramon is signalling to them: it`s time to go. Pedro and Manuel get up and walk slowly towards him. Their hearts are pounding with hope and fear. To them, this night will either mean a return to their old, hopeless life or the start of a feature in a new and unknown country . On their trip they need to cross many difficult roads, the dessert and maybe the river Rio Grande. When they were going it was silent because they were thinking about what’s next. Maybe they are going to die on their trip to the USA or they would get a job and earn some money. But before that they need to get throw the long long way. It was still silent and they began to be tired and more and more scared. And because Pedro and Manuel do not have…show more content…
He gets over on the other side but it took a long time. Then Manuel was going and when Manuel was on the middle of the river, Ramon started but when Ramon were in the water the cold storm came and the water where bigger and bigger. Pedro and Manuel was sitting on the other side and they scream for help and tried to ask what they could do. Ramon!!, Ramon!! Ramon were gone, they could not see him. They were standing there for a long time and they did not see anyone. Pedro and Manuel did not know what them were going to do. They were just going and going behind the border. They had heard that they can earn 5-6 times more in the USA, if you are lucky. They tried to think that they were going to cross the border of the USA and. They were dreaming of getting a well -paid job and living the good life, as they were calling the American style. They also began to be scared of the police on the north side of the border because illegal immigration has become as a problem in the USA. And many of the illegal immigrant are sending back where they came from. They really want to get I to the USA to get a good job and earn some money to support their family and friends. Pedro and Manuel began to feel thirsty and they fall to sleep . The next day they wake up because of some people. The people was going the same way as them. They ask if they know have long time they had been going. They did not know so they were going with the
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