Short Story: The Cost Of Survival

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“It is easy to argue that people should be stopped from putting themselves in danger”.Some people may say that people in life or death situations deserve to pay the consequences since they were the one’s that put themselves that that position .These people should not be held for their actions or situations that they are in for the following reason from the story “The Cost of Survival”, “Usually, when people need to be rescued , it is because something unexpected happened.”

First of all , these people who are in these type of situations may not have even known that this would occur or that they were putting themselves in danger. According to the story “The Most Dangerous Game”, “ he realized he had reached too far and had lost his balance. The cry was pinched off short as the blood-warm waters of the Caribbean Sea closed over his head”. Rainsford had no idea that he was going to fall over and be left by himself on the island with nobody by his side.The story also states that “ The menacing look in the eyes did not change.The revolver pointed as rigidly as if
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The story “The cost of survival” states that “It is easy to argue that people should be stopped from putting themselves in danger. However, this would be impossible to enforce”. It is impossible to stop somebody from doing these risky things but you can’t stop them from doing the things that they enjoy and make them happy. The story also says that “ We know that when people believe that they are going to receive a large bill for SAR mission, they delay a call for help or they refuse to to call for help.”. It would be unfair that someone wouldn't call for help because they are going to be billed for getting help. Finally “ We're out there to save lives. You can’t put a price on that.”. There are lots of money but a person only gets one life and that is why you can't put a price on
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