Short Story: The Day After By Sheila Johnson

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Written assignment – The Day After
In the modern world we are all very self-contained. However some is more selfish than others. Some cannot live without having it all and trying to reach the “perfect” life. For some it is impotent to be in a relationship just to be in it, and show others that you got your life figured out. But is it not more important to be in a good and stable relationship? In the short store “The Day After” written by: Sheila Johnson. The greedy main character Darla does not seem to think that way.
Darla has a very negative attitude, and does not seem to like anyone or anything. She does not really want to be with her boyfriend Jon, and she does not care about him and knows that someday their relationship is going to end. In the text the narrator tells that Jon has pulled Darla to the party, which give the reader the impression that she does not want to go to the party. We know that Darla just took a Morning-after pill and it seems like the atmosphere is a bit tense between Jon and her because of that. But overall I think that Darla is mainly negative. Her answers are short and she is defiantly a bit sharp-tongued when it comes to answer Jon.
An example from the text is: “Jon ran a finger down Darla’s arm. “Does it hurt?” he said. “No” “Want a sip of my beer, Darla? Might relax you” “it said no alcohol” We can clearly see that she is a bit harsh and does not replay very friendly to Jon’s caring questions. Darla has her own opinion about many things,

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