Short Story: The Fallen Angel

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Soon as she screamed the last words of her sorrow, that old book was somehow gleaming so brightly then pulled Ana into an unknown dimension and everything turned dark. . . . . . “Unghh Where is this? Ahh what has happened recently?” Ana said while slowly rubbed her painful head and walk around that weird place to find a clue. However when she saw the leaves from the trees in front of her, she suddenly realized that she was no longer in the real world for even the trees there looked just like a piece of paper with no volume. On top of the sky in that place written a text reads “The Fallen Angel”. “Do.. Don’t tell me that this is inside of that old book? How come such a thing like this could ever happened?” shortly after she has understand everything, that book was taking her into a distinct dimension of the story that she read all this time, the dark side behind a beautiful happy ending story.…show more content…
Right at the moment when the main cast “Carla” hasn’t meet with Joseph “The Angel” yet. Each details of that miserable scene was shown lively to Ana, even the blood splashes was stained Ana’s face for real. Compelled her to look at happiness through a different way from before, how is it be like when all of that sorrow is in other person’s life and how they can achieve their own
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