Short Story: The Gingerbread Man

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The Gingerbread Man Once upon a time, there was beautiful little house in the countryside, which lived an old man named Tom and old woman named Maggie. You can’t imagine how amazing the countryside was. Cows were eating grass on the huge lawn, and the warm and bright sunshine lightened up everything. “Wow, what a fine day today! Let’s make a gingerbread man to eat. ”Said Tom looking out of the window. “It is a great day! So what ingredients do we need? Flour, butter, sugar, water, egg, ginger power, and what? Um... Oh! Icing! ”Answered Maggie with all the ingredients prepared. Next Maggie and Tom rolled all of the ingredients into dough, and then they rolled it very thin. This step needs a lot of strength, so they were so tired. After that…show more content…
“If cows want to eat me, pigs do too. So what can I do next? ” Gingerbread man said in a helpless voice. “Hello my little gingerbread man, how are you? You must be fine, aren’t you? Today is my master’s birthday, so I invite you to be our guest to the birthday party! Please! ” One of the pig said in a pitiful voice. “How’s the party like? ” Asked the gingerbread man shyly. “It’s…it’s just pretty amazing. People dancing, eating, and drinking, and everybody is pretty happy. ””Wow, seems awesome! So what will I do in the party? ””To let us eat you! ” All the pigs looked at each other with an obscene smile. “W…What? Who can help me! ”Gingerbread man cried and ran away as fast as he could. “You promised us to be our guest in the party! So come back! ” Shouted all of the pigs with their saliva dripping all over the place. “Oops!” He said in a whisper voice, “I think this time I need to run faster than a leopard!…show more content…
He looked for Tom, Maggie, cows, pigs, but he found nothing but huge grassland that seems to be no end in sight. He walked for a long time, and than he came to a cold and miserable river. He can’t swim across the river or he would be soaked into the water. So he just sat near the river sadly and watching the reflection of himself on the river. “Now I can think about who will eat me? Is it one of the pigs? Or cows? Or the old man and the old woman! I got no idea…” Gingerbread man thought nervously and painfully, “I will be eaten… I will be

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