Short Story: The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Rex and Rose Mary repeatedly neglected their children to accommodate their own needs. Jeannette awoke frightened to a homeless man lying on top of her. The man walked easily into the Walls home since the doors were not locked or even closed. Rex and Rose wanted to leave to doors and windows opened to let in fresh air not knowing what else it would allow in. After the attack the parents continued to leave the windows and doors open putting their needs before their children 's. Rex and Rose Mary were preoccupied with themselves to pay notice that there daughter was attacked and they could do something to reduce the chance of it happening again. How can a person sleep through the night if they are frightened that someone can come into their room? Rex and Rose could 've shut the doors and windows and gave their children a sense of security.…show more content…
In most situations it is the parent’s job to shield their children from harm 's way Rex and Rose never did that for their children. Laurie, Jeanette, Brain and Maureen had to fend for themselves and protect each other. Multiple times through their lives Rex would spend the majority of their money on alcohol instead of on food, rent, or bills which left his children without the basic necessities of life.7 The Walls children Laurie, Jeanette, Brain and Maureen were without food, heat, and clean water throughout most of their childhoods.8 The few times the Walls did have food it was common for Rose Mary to hide it and save it for herself.9 Throughout the lives of the Walls children their mother cared more about her well being than her children and did not care if she hurt them to improve her own quality of life.10 Having selfish parents who prioritized themselves first and their children last can have an adverse effect on the children. The neglect certainly left its mark on the Walls children but they move forward in their lives as different
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