The Great Gatsby: A Short Story

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It has been over five years since the death of Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle and George Wilson. I stared out the window of my apartment, and recalled the words of Jay Gatsby. He was once a friend, a person whom I admired, and respected that disappeared like a fish swallowed by a tsunami. The last time I remember seeing him was around November when the leaves were falling off the branches of the trees, and the weather was becoming more chilly than any of the years before. After the argument between Gatsby and Tom in the hotel room on the scorching, hot day when we were all tired and fed up with the heat. Daisy ran out of the room, Gatsby followed along then they drove back to East Egg a few minutes before Jordan, Tom, and I left. As we were driving back, the street was crowded with people in front of George Wilson’s repair shop. Tom chuckled a bit then said, “George finally has some business,” as we drove closer to the shop Tom stopped the car, and we got off to take a look. There were sounds of cries coming from all sides, the women were sobbing, the men were saying it was such a sad loss. Tom pushed himself through the crowd to see what they were making a fuss about, Jordan and I followed right behind. I couldn’t see Tom’s expression, but I knew that he couldn’t mutter a single word when he saw the body of Myrtle…show more content…
Before the sun rises, Daisy Buchanan took a walk on her front porch, and Gatsby was still waiting for her. Gatsby was about to run over to her as soon as he saw her shadow, but in just a moment she dropped to the ground with a pool of blood turning the green grass into a dark shade of red. A total of three gunshots were heard, and Tom walked dramatically out of the house when the second shot was fired. Jay Gatsby’s lifelong dream of reuniting with Daisy was now over, when Daisy fell to the ground, Gatsby ran up from behind, grabbed his gun then shot him in the
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