Short Story: The Happiest Day Of My Life

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She had always been told that the day you find out you 're pregnant, that 's the happiest day of your life. Just as the sky is blue and Christmas occurs on December 25th every year, it was a fact of the universe, something she had been promised. But the universe had time and time again failed her, dangling hope in front of her like string before a cat and cruelly yanking it away every time she chased it, laughing when she fell flat on her face.
She stood in the small bathroom, a warm breeze blowing in from the open window, with the two pink lines within the plastic stick staring back at her as definitive and irrefutable as the ticking of a clock 's hands. And yet she did not feel the tectonic plates of the earth shift beneath her to signify the gravity of this momentous occasion, nor did she feel an inordinate amount of love and joy overcome her and radiate out of her like a shining beacon of light. Instead, she
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She knew all of this, in fact she was the most qualified person to speak upon his mannerisms and seemingly lack of compassion. Nevertheless, she had expected an actual discernible reaction when she made him aware of their upcoming role as parents but with the exception a blink, followed by a subsequent nod of his head, these expectations were never fulfilled. It seemed as if he was like a mechanical robot, programmed with only a sparse, limited amount of responses capable of.
But slowly, words stiff on his tongue like a child learning to speak, he began to ask her questions, inquiring about her current state of health. At first it was awkward, both disturbed by the sudden change in the dynamics of their relationship but she found herself reluctantly appreciative of the change. He was making a conscious effort, even though it appeared to strained, and for perhaps the first time, there was something to lead her to believe Frank cared.
One day he presented her with crib, "For the baby", he said gruffly, his voice like sandpaper as he averted eye

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