Short Story: The Homeless Man

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Marco lives in New York City, the big apple. He has been there his whole life, he just moved two corners away from where he used to live. That 's the furthest he has ever traveled in his whole life. Marco considers himself a very inactive person, the type of people who would prefer to just stay home reading a good science fiction book than go out and get wasted, therefore he 's pretty much what our society would call a loner.

One day, a way to get out from his comfort zone, just popped out of Marco 's mind to go out for a walk. He just decided to tie his shoes and just go for it. When he was already out he could barely feel the fresh air, he was almost deaf because of all the noise that wraps New York City but just the fact of trying
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Turns of events, the homeless man comes out to be Marcos 's supposedly passed away father. Given to the shocking situation the only thing that came to Marco 's mind was the moment that his aunt was leaving him in an orphanage not long ago after his dad suffered a terrible car accident. The shocking moment of this encounter made Marco look forward to his life in a more positive way, Marco couldn 't believe that the face of the man he was looking at was his own…show more content…
He approached to the homeless man to ask him all type of questions about his past, for Marco 's odd all of them turned out to be matched to Marco 's childhood. Then he found himself sitting right next to him for hours, waiting for the perfect time to tell him he is his son. Once he did, the turns of event almost killed Marco from a heart attack, his mom was also alive too. Marco 's only reaction was to run away back to his apartment, but after one night, without getting any sleep, Marco went back to the homeless man, this time next to the homeless man, was Marco 's mother too and the only thing he said was: Why did you abandoned me if all I ever did was love you like no child has ever loved his parents.

After a long time of talking and catching up Marco finally understood that everything happened because of a reason and that no one loved him more than his parents. Now he knows that before judging someone he should investigate what really happened.Marco got both of his parents cleaned up, he gave them food and moved them into a nice apartment. Marco took care of his mother and father, despite from all the harm they 've caused him. It was time for a fresh start for Marco 's family, for the first time Marco got to taste what happiness really was, putting aside from all the wrong decisions his
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