Aerowiph Ethereal Blade: A Fictional Narrative

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His name was Aerowiph Ethereal Blade, and he was to be the next king of the StreakHunter tribe. He was the son of Gryphon – the king of the tribe and the most respected lion among the land. – He was fearless, serious, and kind but firm at the same time. He was not ambitious, though he wanted for his tribe what every good leader wanted; the best for his people.

Aerowiph wandered along the huge field, playing in the luscious, green grass. Suddenly, he heard an intense, thundering roar. That roar could only belong to one person; his father. He raced across the field until he reached his kingdom.

“Hello, father. How art thou?” Aerowiph greeted.
“Please,” Gryphon begged, “stop talking like that!”
“Alright, what do you want?” He asked.
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I’m assembling a hunting party, the food-pile is empty.” He explained.
Immediately, all seven of them got up and raced to his side.

After gathering his friends for the hunting party,
– which there were eight in total – he went out past the forest and into the savanna.
“So Aerowiph,” Blain asked, “did you hear about the rumors?”
“What rumors?” Aerowiph asked
“The RaptureBloods. They’re trying to expand their territory again.” Dillen answered
“And they’re going to do it, by taking over our land!” Rian added
“Why didn’t I know about this?” Aerowiph asked
“Probably because you sit alone in the field all day.” Pawel replied
“Well, if they do attack us, we’ll be ready.” Aerowiph said

Twenty minutes of searching went by, and they found two herds of zebras with sixty of them close to each other.
“Jackpot!” Aerowiph whispered
“Let’s go right now and kill all of them!” Ifan suggested
“See, this is why no one lets you lead the hunting party,” Aerowiph replied, “There’s eight of us and sixty of them. Ifan, Aelwynd, Blain, and I will take eight each. Dillen, Bleidd, Rian, Pawel, since you guys are less experienced, take seven each. Everyone, find your prey, if someone is already going after one, change direction. Strike at their legs to cripple them, that will slow them down, allowing us to chase after the rest. All it takes is one swift strike to the leg. We’ll finish them off
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The alerted zebras all lifted their heads up and began fleeing. The plan started off the way it was meant to. Every lion had struck down two zebras, with the exception of Aerowiph, who had slashed ten already due to his exceptional speed, agility, and reflexes. That is when the plan began to fall apart. What’s the matter? All the zebras should’ve fallen by now. Oh no! I forgot that they aren’t as skilled as I am! Why did I not realize and account for it? If this goes on at the same rate, all the zebras will have run off, and it’s all because of me! The tribe won’t have enough food to survive. What do I do now? And then, everything went silent, time itself froze, and Aerowiph’s greatest fear struck him like a needle; not being able to lead. All of a sudden, his muscles tightened, his senses heightened, and his fur stood on-end. He let out the loudest roar anyone had ever heard, and within the span of twenty seconds, he wiped out eighteen zebras. But when he turned around to look for more, all sixty zebras were lying on the ground, and in the center of it all stood Aerynne, breathing heavily, just like Aerowiph, with blood covering her paws and mouth. This time, He actually got a good look at her. She was slim, but muscular, agility was definitely her strong point, she also must have been very intelligent if she was appointed leader of the hunting pack by Gryphon. Her fur was

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