Short Story 'The Most Dangerous Game'

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In order for a story to make the readers anticipate what is going to happen next they need to have conflicts that cause problems in the story. Conflicts make the story more interesting by posing issues for the characters and making resolve them. Some stories have multiple conflicts and other stories have just one or two. A story that has more than one conflict is the short storyThe Most Dangerous Game”. In this story that conflicts that are posed are man versus man, man versus nature, and man versus society.
First of all, in the story “ The Most Dangerous Game” a conflicted that is seen in the story is man versus man. One example of this is that General Zaroff is hunting other human being for his own entertainment. Basically, this conflict
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For instance, the story shows man versus nature conflicts because when the men are being hunted by the General they have to avoid the quicksand that was in the swamp. If they were to fall in the quicksand their chances of getting out slim and nature would have defeated them not the General. This shows that one way man versus nature is included in the story is that they have to overcome quicksand. Also another man versus nature that was shown in the story was that they had to escape from animals. General Zaroff has dogs that assist him in finding his prey of the game. The people have to outsmart the dogs after a certain amount of days in the game. To sum up man versus nature is a conflict because the people have to survive against animals. The last example of man versus nature is that the people have to navigate their way through the island. The island has harsh terrain that most people that are in the game have trouble navigating. The General says that most people do not make it past a certain places in the forest because they can not survive well there. The terrain of the island is an example of man versus nature because the island is working against the people in a way because if they cannot get out of reach of the General they have less chance of winning the game. To conclude, the story “The Most Dangerous Game” has an examples of man versus man
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