Short Story: The Perfect Bonsai

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"The Bonsai and other short stories by “I"- The Perfect Bonsai cont... The bonsai rebels Part 17 “My child, you are not responsible for his death. He was a sick man. He was on …” “No, he has been faking it all these years. He bought his pills. He stashed them under one of the pots. He faked it. He took placebos to fool everyone. He never had any health issues. He just used it to manipulate us.” “How do you know?” “He told me... He told me when he was high on drugs.” And I revealed all what Tommy had told me. I cried. I screamed, I wept with rage and grief. Grief for my wasted life. Grief of what I could have been. Grief at being so stupid that I allowed my fire to die. I become a torch in Tommy’s hand, to be used as he wished, to be placed where he wanted to me to be.…show more content…
There is high3 power above. I am here to help you.” “I just wanted you to stop harassing me. I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t stand it when people praise him as an ideal husband; and me as a devoted wife. I was once before, a loving wife, now no more. Tommy was never a husband, he was just a bonsai maker, nothing more.” “Are you turning yourself in?” “To the police?” “Yes?” “Have I not already paid for my sins? Wasn’t I imprisoned and drugged for twenty-five years? You want me to go back in another one? Why did I do to deserve that kind of life?” “You do realise that murder is a cardinal sin?” “It is. I know. But I have already paid for it…in advance. I….I would like to go now. May I?” “You may, but you understand, I cannot give you absolution? “I did not come here for absolution. Thank you for listening to me.” **** “Tessa, wait.” “Fath…” “No, Tessa, not Father, Walter… don’t you remember… by the way you still owe me $1.” “Walter?” I was stunned. This smiling man could not be the same judgmental person in the church. “Walter I just confessed…” he cut me
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