Short Story 'The Rocket' By Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012) was an American fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery fiction author. In his works Bradbury brought up various problems, concerning scientific progress as well as personal interaction in modern society. One of these problems is relationship between children and adults. In a short story “The Rocket” the writer depicts trusting and caring relationship between Fiorello Bodoni, a poor junkyard owner, who spends his nights admiring nearby rocket launches bound for the Moon, Venus and Mars, and his family.In the world created by Bradbury a trip to other planet is something only a wealthy person can afford. Eventually Fiorello manages to save some money that would be enough to pay for a trip for one person. However, every member of the family soon realises that it would be unfair to be the only one who gets to have this journey while others stay behind. Therefore Bodini spends all his savings to build a mock-up rocket.He then excitedly tells his family that they will all be able to make the journey to Mars and back. He takes his children on a trip, one that they say they will "remember... for always." Even though the trip was not real, the children got amazing memories they would cherish their whole lives. Though the ending of the story is optimistic and Bodoni’s little trick is not revealed and has only positive effects, the problem of lying to children is extremely topical.There are many disputes among psychologists about
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