Short Story The Sentry

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The short story the sentry is written by Tea Obreht was published by the guardian 14th, 2010. The genre of this story is a novel because there is few character in the story we follow from the start to the end and this one of the characterizations of a novel. The short story has multiple themes but the main theme of this story is the relationship between the and the son.

The short story is about a boy named Bojan who is 10 years of age who lives with his housekeeper Mrs. Senka while the father is out in the military. Bojan´s father returns home from the sentry and brought a dog to stay with them. The neighborhood was frightened of the dog because he killed other dogs as well as scaring the children. When Bojan was coming from school, he was
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There relation is quite complicated in way considering the father is “never” home but Bojan´s still show respect to his father “His father had blue eyes, and a sort of glazed stare that went through you and out the other side.. ”(L.132-134) in this quotation we can see a metaphor that the boy is having eye contact with his father where the fathers eye is penetrating through him as a bullet. This could be a symbol of the father can see right through him and he can’t hide anything from him. Another example of the son showing his father respect is when the father says "Sit,"(L.136) and he quietly sits down on the chair. The respect his son has towards his father could also be a contribution to the fear he has. His father is a military man with a lot of discipline and this could be why he acting so harsh or “manly” towards him. When the father sees Bojan picking up the unloaded gun and pointing the pistol against Kaiser. The father realized Bojan is looking at the dog as an adversary but Bojan isn’t a “man” enough to kill it, so the father does the job for him. The dog is being seen as an enemy in the eyes of Bojan by reason of, it is spending more time with his dad. It is like Kaiser has a closer relationship with Bojan´s…show more content…
senka really cares about Bojan and she isn’t just there to do her chores. When Bojan was attacked by the group of boys Mrs senka was right beside him taking care of him “Mrs. Senka was in the kitchen, fixing dinner. As she was wiping his face and knees clean, beside herself, half-scolding, he put his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder and held the frayed end of her hair between his fingers.”(L.112-114) His father is disappointed at him and does nothing. It shows how difficult the relationship is between Bojan and his father. To all appearances, it seems Mrs senka has much more solicitude than his
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