Short Story: The Seventh Man By Haruki Murakami

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Have you ever felt guilty about something bad that happened in the past that wasn 't your fault? You feel responsible for what your eyes have seen. It 's called survivor guilt. Soldiers and everyday people, who 've been in difficult situations experience it. They feel like they 're going crazy, they have nightmares, it haunts them when they 're awake and asleep. Pertaining to Post traumatic stress disorder. Similarly like the short story "The seventh man" written by Haruki Murakami.
Two young boys head down to the beach in the middle of a storm "the eye of the storm" a typhoon to be exact. One returns the other one does not. One was taken by a wave. The seventh man, which is the other kid felt guilty for not saving k 's life. He experienced survivor guilt. Fear can make us do things we 'd never thought we 'd do. Some of us, let fear control our actions. For example, how the seventh man let fear get the best of him so instead of saving his best friend, he abandoned him and took off running.
The seventh man was harsh on himself, he held in the darkness and guilt from that event until his latest years. He woke up drenched in sweat screaming. My position is the seventh man should forgive himself for k 's death. I do not think it 's his fault. Although he could have attempted to save k 's life. It probably would have been a suicide mission. At least one survived rather than loosing both. My following argument will try to convince you about my accusation.
There are several
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