Short Story: The Sky Spirit Shawnee Tribe

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The Sky Spirit, Shawnee Tribe, and Kiwaan 's legacy

Long ago lived a great Sky Spirit, a Giant Snake named Scavenger, and a mischievous Coyote by the name of Kahali. The Sky Spirit and Scavenger lived together up in the sky above a world of nothingness where Kahali lived all alone. All around them was nothing but clouds as the eye can see. One day the Sky Spirit decided that he will make new land and a new place down below on the world of nothingness. He said " I 'll create a world filled with life and you will help me Scavenger". The Sky Spirit used his mighty power to fill the world of nothingness with flourishing land, trees, oceans, and new species all around. Scavenger went on and used his body to create the rivers and rugged
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The Sky Spierir left leaving the Shawnee villagers puzzled with what to do next. The chief of the village brought everyone together and said that someone must come forth and go to retrieve the totem. But no one would step forward, for the journey to the top of the east mountains was a rigorous one. Finally, a young mane by the name of Kiwaan stepped forward saying that he will take on this task and bring it back. He prepared for his journey and then set off on an unknown path towards the top of the east moutons. It was a half day trip to the foot of the mountain from the village. Kiwaan had finally made it to the foot of the mountain and began up the steep slopes. Meanwhile in the shawnee village the sky spirit was still angry and was growing impatient. He had begun to unleash warning shots sending flames from the sky above onto the villagers. The chief and the villagers started to become frieghtend and hope Kiwaan would return soon with the totem. A day since it was stolen had passed and Kiwaan had finally made it to the top of the east mountain. On top he saw the totem but it wasn’t alone. Scavenger had been there waiting for Kiwaan to come and try to take the totem from him. Their battle lasted for an hour

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