Short Story: The Story Of 'Live Dyrus'

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"Live Dyrus! Survive in this new chaotic world that I have placed you in, for only you can change it!" With that, my new life on the world of Vanguard had begun. "How did this even happen?" - Dyrus To quench his burning rage, he decided to distract himself by thinking back to when this even started. _________________________________ *swoosh*x3 *RAA* 'How the FUCK did this happen!?’ These are the current thoughts of a person who had gotten himself lost after both him and his college buddies were chased away from their camp by a large brown bear. Of course they all ran with the intention of absolutely not dying, but one of them who was unlucky and tripped got mauled by the bear. "AHHH! HELP!" He tried screaming, but that made him draw the bears ' attention again, and was quickly killed after the bear clawed him a second time. One of them had stopped in fear, but that was a bad idea. He had already drawn the bears ' attention to himself, and the bear quickly lost interest on the mutilated corpse and ran up to the guy. Our protagonist saw all this happen after he had seen the first glance from when his friend had stopped, he hesitated but the terrifying scene had overridden him with an intense fear, so he made a quick decision and decided to start running again while the bear was still distracted. When he finally stopped after a long run, he realized that he could no longer hear the sound of his friends screaming, he started to to calm down, but his face

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