How To Write A Short Story: Empire Island

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“Valen’s cooking again? At this rate the dead fish may kill us before the live ones!” I said with followed by a laugh. We walked towards the table set up on deck. It was getting fairly dark and the waves had gone from a slosh to a soft roar. Valen lumbered over us all a huge figure with broad shoulders and a wide smile. “Eat up! Eat up! We has some sailing to do yet before the beastie shows there face!” “Yeah! Let’s eat up! Eat up!” Ruby mumbled through a huge mouthful of fish. Chompers with hunger unending had probably eaten over twelve fish already as a pillow. Grimlock was yet to touch anything. “Oh how I miss the luxuries of the college of great magic! What I would do for some wyvern steak right now! Alas the college cut my funding and research for ‘lack of results’ and such. We will show them someday! Won't we Chompers?” Grimlock looked at his familiar for support only to see a chest chomping wildly on fish. “Do…show more content…
The ghost ship slowly sank into the sea vanishing from sight and Ruby burst out of a door along with Sala. Ruby shot five in the head with arrows and Sala shouted some strange spell. The spell filled me with strength and I leaped through the air then I cleaved through about a third of them before I went back to normal.. Valen did the same with his great sword and Grimlock obliterated the rest with magical fire. The ship was rather beat up as the fog lifted. The laughing faded. I was usually prepared for anything, but how was I supposed to know the sea was haunted. We spent the rest of the day repairing what we could. Our ship had seen better days. For that matter it probably had seen better nights. While we were working and the sun was setting. Off in the distance tentacles had risen for but a moment before going back under the water. “What were we hunting again?” Ruby asked looking towards the sun. “A kraken. Why do you ask?” Valen

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