The Summer Of Love Murder Short Story

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The Summer of Love Murder and Suicide In the summer of 1987, there was a man named Harold Butts and a beautiful young woman named Tammy Lynn. They first met off in high school. When Harold approached Tammy Lynn, He asked her ´´Hey Tammy Lynn want to go to the dance with me this spring.´´ Tammy Lynn replied back´´Of course.´´ Before the whole school, they were lovers to be. A few years after high school Harold and Tammy Lynn were having problems getting pregnant. Harold would always tell Tammy Lynn ´´If you would eat better food and take your vitamins, maybe just maybe we can have a kid.´´
Tammy did nothing but cry. A few more years have passed and nothing has changed. Harold came home from work one day sayin ´´I'm done, I’m over with this
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Ten years have passed since Harold’s wife was murdered and daughter was kidnapped. Harold’s phone rang. He answered “ Is this my daughter Rayne? Who is this?” A strange voice replied “ I have your daughter and she is safe.” Harold jumped in joy and asked “ Where is my daughter?” The strange voice replied “ Harold I am sorry I killed your wife and kidnapped your daughter. I hope you get to the corner store where I killed your wife and kidnapped your daughter as soon as you can so you can be here to see this.” The phone houngan up. Harold dropped the phone and ran to the store where is wife was found. Harold came around the corner and seen his ex girlfriend holding his daughter Rayne. Harold asked “Tammy Lynn why? Why would you do this to me?” Tammy Lynn responded”You never loved me liked you loved your wife.” Harold got really close to Tammy Lynn, then reached for his daughter. Out of the blue Tammy Lynn pulled out a pistol. Tammy Lynn said “Stop don’t touch her.” Harold backed down and said “ You don’t have to do this you’ve done enough” Tammy Lynn looked at Harold and cried out “I’m sorry for everything.” Then she put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. BOOM!! The gun went off Tammy Lynn dropped as Harold grabbed his daughter and cried that he had finally gotten his daughter back after ten years. The Summer of Love Murder and
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