Short Story The Unknown Heist By Diego Ramos

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The Unknown Heist by Diego Ramos

A nice summer day, it was hot enough to fry eggs on the ground. it smelled like the ocean because and the concrete was as smooth as a whiteboard it smelled like Palm trees and coconuts and it looked like a beach with crystal clear blue water and clean sand without any seaweed the food tasted like it was fresh off a gril or freshly made and it felt like I was on a peaceful island with the comforting sound of waves hitting the sand. It was northern ave at Santa Monica pier in the beach, everyone was outside having fun. But little did they know…….. that four crazy powerful and strong criminals escaped from the prison planning to rob a bank at exactly 12:45 A.M. On Monday June 16th.

They are hiding in an abandoned house with 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms, they had the plan and blueprints on what to do First, they will enter through the back door then boy 1 will break in with a gun Next, he will tell them to take out the money while boys 2 ,3, and 4 are robbing more money upstairs Finally, they will throw some smoke bombs to sneak away so they don 't see where they went.

The time has come to rob the bank it was June 16th and exactly 12:45 A.M. A not too cold not too hot day there weren 't as many people outside as last time but that made it perfect so no one can
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Their are 4 guys out here trying to take out all the money from the registers and ATM’s” the police said “ ok we will come as fast as we can!” Boy 4 found him and said “ Looks like it 's time for your funeral to be scheduled!” And ( fsh fsh) (Bang Bang Bang) the police heard the gunshots and came came and captured them and took them to a high security jail cell and the town had nothing to worry about

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