Short Story: The Vernissage By Claire Andersson-Wheeler

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A woman wants attention from her man. She would do anything, just to get the attention from her man. But if he keeps missing it, what is the point? Some women are ready to sell themself, just to get their man’s attention. They will buy a new dress, or go out with another guy, just to get it.The “Vernissage” is a short story by Claire Andersson-Wheeler in which you will read about how a woman tries to get her man’s attention. You will also read about a boy whose names Alex. Alex seems to has a mentally disease. By analyzing and interpreting this short story, this essay will put focus on Alex’s development, and how a woman tries to get her man’s attention and how Alex’s parents’ relationship is.
Alex seems to be between twelve and fourteen. In the story, we will not know how old he is exactly. Alex wants to be responsible and mature. But he has sort of a mentally disease, so he will not be able to be that. For examples he loves his banana sandwich “There was something about banana sandwiches, sweet and soft, that made him think of babyfood. Maybe he was getting too old for banana sandwiches. He thought about saying that he didn’t want to eat them anymore. But he liked them”. That shows us, that he has a special relationship with banana sandwiches. He is not ready to give up on them. He thinks that if he stops to eat the banana sandwich, he would grow up. He thinks that it was childish to eat them.
Alex’s parents’ relationship is falling apart. In the old days, it used to be

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