Short Story: The Winddown

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The cut on Nicole 's throat was so deep that it nicked her vertebra C3, the portion of the spine that supports the neck. Her windpipe and larynx were clearly seen, and the 2 carotid arteries severed, along with 1 jugular artery and the other jugular cut and left dangling by a thread. The windpipe and larynx consists of several muscles and cartilage. It is difficult to even begin to tear cartilage due to its flexibility, stiffness, and rigidity. In order to have cut through the windpipe, it would have been difficult enough. The larynx consists of several pieces of thick cartilage, and would have added to the difficulty of the assailant to have cut through. According to the autopsy, the victim 's head was pulled back before the fatal wound was delivered. The muscles of the neck would have been taut and flexed, making the muscles harder and adding further difficulty to the wound. Because of the assailant 's ability to have cut both the windpipe, larynx, and muscles in one clean action and to have also cut the vertebra, it strongly suggests that the assailant is one of beastly strength and enough knowledge of how to deliver an agonizing death to the victim. Because O.J was a former football player, and thus possessing deadly strength, he is

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