Short Story: 'Tick-Tock On The Wheel'

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Melissa and Josh are thrilled to finally go out to the new amusement park in town, “Tick-Tock on the Wheel." Word had spread across the city like fire caught on a rope, and the exhilaration seemed to please them all. The main ride meant to captivate the thrill-seekers was the ferris wheel, which supposedly had magical features. Many did not believe in this and labelled it as a superstition, but this did not lessen their excitement. Josh was experiencing another excitement, one that filled his stomach in knots. Melissa and Josh had been together for two years and today is their anniversary. They’ve been a couple for a while, yet Josh still gets jumpy out of the love he has for her. He had had planned on giving her a family heirloom from his grandmother. It was a chain with a clock and his family name engraved on it. Melissa means the world to him and this gift would express some of his great love. “H-hey Melly!” Josh stammers as he pulls out his gift, “I got you a little something.” Melissa is touched and hugs him immediately, “Happy two years, Josh!” She smiles, “Are you ready for the time of your life?” He smiles back, “Heck yeah!” and the two lovebirds leave to the amusement park. Melissa races him to the ferris wheel, and Josh slows down to see her eyes light up as ashe stands in line (before him). Their turn comes, but before they seat, the clerk asks Melissa about what was hung from her neck. Melissa beams and say, “It’s from my boyfriend,

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