Short Story Version: Isle Of The Beasts

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Isle of the Beasts Short Story Version Eric gazed out the plane window. He didn’t like flying. Not one bit. He always found it too scary, and the mere thought of the plane crashing made him nauseous with fear. “Too bad,” says his mother wryly. “You’re only eight years old. You don’t have a choice.” She said that every time, and Eric was getting frustrated. They were flying to Italy to visit his grandparents for a couple weeks. Eric was glad that he got to skip school, but that meant more homework, and he couldn’t bear to leave his friends for more than two days. Suddenly, the plane started shaking. Eric grasped the armrest and pulled his feet up on the chair. People yelped with fear, and the annoying two-year old across the aisle woke up and started crying. “Please buckle up, we are experiencing some turbulence.” The captain reassured as the passengers started to calm down and a very embarrassed mother shushed her child, prompting it to go back to sleep. “Mom, what’s turbulence?” Eric asked quietly. “Is the plane going to crash? Will we all die?” “Remember what I told you last time? Turbulence is normal. It’s nothing to worry about,” She said with a calm tone. “And get your feet off the chair! That’s rude.” Eric obliged and kicked his feet out, accidentally hitting the seat in front of him and disturbing a man in a fancy suit. Eric heard a grumble and muttered an apology. He slumped down in his seat and sighed. “I’m bored!” He whined. “Then work on your coloring

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