Short Story: Ye Old Buckstar Changes The Cup

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Ye old Buckstar changes the Cup
By:Doran Olguin
A long, long time ago, in a universe far, far away there lived a young Joshua Fernstien. He loved to run in the Oxen cages and mess with them while they were hibernating. He also loved to frolic around in the luscious white snow, and make all sort of Snow Angels and figure eights on the tops or frozen lakes. Anyone that knew Joshua would know that he loved Christmas more than anything in the world.
But, there was one thing that made Christmas everything to Joshua, it was a warm brewed cup of Buckstar’s finest, rich Christmas blend. Mixed with Pulpberry seeds and Jollywood Marrow. It was the finest cup of coffee in the land. There was one thing that did make it better, it was the cup that it came
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Since he loved Christmas so much he decided to become a pastor. He almost had 6000 followers on the Web (a form of social media in the 1600’s). Everybody in his village listened to what he said. At this point in time he felt amazing, he had almost 6,000 followers on The Web, he was just made into a pastor, and Buckstar’s Christmas cup was just about to be revealed. Life was good.
Then everything changed in the blink of an eye. Joshua was the first one to get his new Christmas Cup, but this was no jolly ol’ cup with elves and reindeer, no, this cup was only plain red and white. Joshua was mortified. His whole life he had worshiped these cups more than anything else in the whole entire world, and they just ruined all of that in one swift move.
Joshua went crazy on The Web. He roasted Buckstar to the point of no return. He got all of his followers to also hate Buckstar. Soon enough every single one of Joshua’s followers hated Buckstar. But some of the townspeople opposed Joshua and said that his argument was “blasphemy” and “ridiculous”.
In the end, Buckstar stated that their cups were "a blank canvas" that encourages "customers to tell their Christmas stories in their own way." Joshua 's followers all unfollowed him and moved on, but the only one that didn 't move on was ol’ Joshua. He ran away and became a Hermit. From then on out no one ever saw him

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