Personal Narrative: Going To Mexico

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At first I thought it was all a joke, but once I heard my mom say
“You and your sister are going to Mexico”
I was scared because I would hear a lot of bad things that happen there like people getting robbed,kidnapped killed etc. I told my mom that I did not wanna go but she insisted and said
“You're going either way” so I had no other choice but to go along with what she said.
A couple days passed and we started talking about things that me and my sister should expect when we’re there like weather,food,lifestyle etc. :
I remember from 3 months ago My mom had brought up the same thing, asking me if I would want to go to Mexico and visit her hometown. At that time I was excited to go and really happy to visit and meet all of my family members that I've never met
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I then started imagining myself in an airplane obviously me and my sister were gonna be traveling in an airplane. Two days before the day to leave my sister and me started packing everything we were gonna take and we took 2 suitcases and we each had a backpack to take with us on the airplane. The day before me and my sister were talking about how different would it be there from here. It was 5 am and it was time to get up and start getting all of our things and head out to the airport it took 2 hours to get to the Atlanta international airport, when we go there my parents helped get out our bags and we went in to get our suitcases checked. Once we got all that done we headed off to our gate until it was time to get on the airplane and leave. Our flight was gonna take off at 7:45, time came and it was time to say bye to my parents. I was really upset because I wasn't going to see them for the rest of the summer. When me and my sister got on the airplane I was really nervous because I had no idea what we were going to expect,
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