Short Story: You Are Important In My Life

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“I decided to send you both as our school representatives for a leadership camp in Johor next two weeks.” A teacher of mine informed me and my best friend during our recess time. We were so excited that we planned everything right after that. Indeed, we had so much fun during the camp. Well, as teenagers, which part of going to somewhere or doing something with our best friends is not interesting?

A honk snapped me back into reality. Ah, I remembered those good old days, I remembered how close we were before, I remembered how laughing was a must every time we met. Looking at a polaroid picture of me and this boy who was once a friend of mine, or to be exact, a best friend of mine brought back all those good times. Things were all good before but nothing lasted forever, I guessed.

“Leave me alone! Stop bothering my life. Who are you to tell me what is good or bad? YOU ARE NEVER IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE!” He shouted amidst the silence of his class. Everyone started to look at us. I felt sad and ashamed at the same time. Nothing was worse than hearing that last line. This happened when we were 15. He started to distance himself from us, his only circle of friends, without any reason. He started to act cold with us. He will try his best to avoid us whenever we were about to bumped into each other at the pathway, unlike before. I was busy worrying over the facts that he started to smoke, to escape classes and even run over the school fence but all that I received after meeting him
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