Tiger Mother

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Zijian Liu
I have heard about Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother far before I came to the United States. Not only the American society had a huge response to such a book when it came out, but also the Chinese society did. I did not have much interested in this book at that time, since I lived with my Chinese “tiger mother” every day. Now, I have already left my mom for more than half a year. Therefore, some stories in the book reminds me a lot of memory of my mother. There are many similar ideas between my mom's parenting and Amy Chua's, but there are also some ideas wihch are opposite. In my opinion, Chua's parenting according to her book is more like the way in Chinese traditional high class families, which encourages girls should
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Louisa had a problem in playing a piano piece “The Little White Donkey”. She repeated many times but could not play it right, so she wanted to give up. However, Chua forced her to keep practice until she could play it right. Chua motivated her by threatening her that dinner would come after she got it right, which Chua’s husband Jed did not consider would work. Finally, such a motivation worked. In the end of the chapter, Chua concluded that the best way to improve confidence is not worrying about self-esteem but accomplishment. In my view, this way of "encourage" is somehow efficent. The point Chua's husband worried about is that Chua's threat would hurt Louisa's self-esteem. From books and media, I learn that in American society self-esteem is very important in parenting. Beating children is illegal in the United States. Moreover, according Chua’s book, western parents would avoid using insulting words. In comparison, in Canton parents like saying an old saying "It is better to raised a pork chop than you" to their kids when they are angry, and every Chinese boy around me has experience of beating by his parents. Besides, they like making comparison their kids and some other kids far better in a particular area in order to keep their kids away from overconfident. For example, once I got an A in my final exam and told my mom, she said “Well done, but one is not enough. You can get more. Your friend Zoe keeps getting A in all exams this semester. You should learn from her”.Although my mom did not notice, that was hurt. In my mother’s value, A- was a bad girl, same as what Chua mentioned in the very beginning of the book. It is not easy for me at that time to get an A. I was going to share my happiness with her.I remember my ESL professor said dislike Chinese parents, mediocority is acceptable for most of American families. As Chua conclude in the end of chapter 11, western
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