Short Summary: Christopher Columbus And The Holy Grail

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Columbus and the Holy Grail What is one of the most historic moments of U.S. history, is also the most horrid one. The notorious Christopher Columbus, was the captain of that moment. In school, they teach all the admirable things about him, but what they failed to say was all the things he did that were so dreadful, they make your stomach churn. Although he made an abundance of admirable discoveries, the heinous outcomes roughly weighed the same. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who was the last person to discover the Americas, and claimed it for Spain. His voyage to the New World was rejected many times. He went to the Portuguese, Genoa, and the Venice kings, but his wishes were denied. After being rejected by three kingdoms,…show more content…
However, is genocide too strong of a word to use, or is it the perfect word? Las Casas stated in one of his journals that over three million Native Americans died. The men had died in the mines, the women died at work, and the children had died due to lack of milk. The men and women were both overworked and it was mostly the children who had suffered. They barely had food to keep them alive. That just showed the lack of human nature some of the Spanish had. Many Spanish children were imbued with the thought that they were more superior than the Native Americans. That made them think they could treat the Natives with an abundance of asperity. However, the Spanish children did not learn to treat the Native Americans like that on their own. Instead, they learned from their elders. The harshness they treated the Native Americans with is absolutely unacceptable in the world…show more content…
Columbus had his defects, but his intentions for his exploration were almost pure. Sometimes, even if sacrifice is needed for progress, the people that are to be sacrificed should be able to make the decision for themselves. The Spaniard conquistadors were only thinking of Spain. They did not think as to what would happen to the Native Americans later in their life. They only wanted to further advance Spain in the world. Although I do not condone the way the Native Americans were treated, or killed, I believe that it would have happened sooner or later. These things are inevitable. Christopher Columbus traveled west of Spain believing he would land in India. He accomplished all three of his goals and eventually would be known as a hero to many. He spread Christianity, found a vast amount of treasures, and claimed land for Spain. Although Spain did not keep this land, his goals were still reached. He got his 10% of the treasures, and ultimately received the title as a profound

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