Short Summary: Dogfighting

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“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more”(christie). When dog’s get hurt, they go hide from people till they feel better. They don’t want people to see them hurt. Dog’s are very smart and don’t want their owners to see they are in pain for some reason they just don’t want their owners to worry about it.Dog fighting forces dog’s into cruel behaviors and needs to be stopped.
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The owners of the dog’s that train their dog’s beat them. They feed them hot peppers and gun powder and they lock them in small closets. They do everything they can to make these animals vicious and mean.that's how the dog’s become more powerfully strong and aggressive. losing dog’s often are found dumped with untreated severe injuries or are tortured or hanged. The dog’s aren't the only animal victims smaller. Smaller animals like kittens, puppies and rabbits and sometimes stolen pets are killed because they are used as “bait” to train the dog’s to fight. After training with the bait, the handler unchains the dog an allows the dog to kill it. These dog’s are not allowed to live normal lives. Instead, they spend their time chained in place, training or fighting. They often live in small cages and in filthy condition. The handlers use extraordinary heavy chains to hold the dog’s in place, adding weight to them to increase the dog’s upper body strength. They keep the dog’s close to each other, but just out of reach in order to increase their antagonism. Professional dogfighters carefully structure, training regimens. Food and nutritional intake are measured. Some trainers give dog’s steroid injections and supplements. To build endurance dog’s are forced to run on treadmills and swim in pools, sometimes for hours.the trainers keep records of their dog’s exercise and feedings. To enhance aggressiveness, the animals are frequently beaten and antagonized. They may also be starved. Handlers make their dog’s tug on objects like tires to increase their jaw strength and some handlers file their dog’s teeth as sharp as possible so that maximum damage can be

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