Short Summary: Hand Washing Vs. Dishwashers

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8 FAQS WITH DISHWASHERS The sight of dishwashers in households has become more and more familiar over the years. The benefits that dishwashers bring are undeniable: they make our life easier by overtaking the job of cleaning dirty dishes, giving us back precious time that we can spend on other activities and helping us save money. It is often argued that dishwashers are eco-friendly too. Operating dishwashers is quite easy but using them the right way is not that simple. There are 8 questions people often wonder when using this practical appliance: 1. Hand washing vs dishwasher: which is better? This has been an on-going debate ever since the invention of dishwashers. There is no clear-cut answer that which one is cheaper, which one is more efficient because that kind of answer does not hold true in all…show more content…
Even after you narrow down the criteria (such as eco-friendly, cheap, automatic….), you are still overwhelmed. Honestly, choosing detergents is often a matter of trial and error. You should note that when you test a type of detergent on a broken dishwasher, the result will not be OK regardless of how good that detergent is. Make sure that your appliance work properly before testing. 6. Should we use a rinse agent? In a nutshell, a rinse agent helps remove water dishes and support the drying process. If you are already happy with the drying features in your dishwasher, you can skip using rinse agents. It is a common trick to use vinegar instead. 7. Is the more detergent the better? Come on, overuse of detergent is a common mistake people often make when using dishwashers because they think it will make their dishes cleaner. Don’t just fill up the detergent cup; you need to check the manual and usage guide for detergent first. Use the recommended amount or you may find residue of your dishes afterward. 8. What should we use to clean up our

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