Essay On Horse Abuse

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How can people abuse such a beautiful creature? This Is upsetting about horses abuses and neglect why do people abuses and neglect horses. Horses are the best animals to be with. It's just not normal we act like animals beating up a horses like that. Horse abuse is something that often goes unnoticed. Horse abuse can happen in more ways than one,Beating,Starving, Neglecting, Using the horse for money,Drinking,Letting the horse suffer,not feeding them properly,not taking them to the vet when they need to,That’s only a few of the ways to abuse a horse or pony. 1 People use horses for the money they don't care about them when people don't like the horses they starve, don't go to the vet, hitting, kicking them, throwing stuff at them, putting them in the meat truck,that's why the only few ways abused horses or ponies. 2 More horses die than they do finish the race, A horse may be beaten or over…show more content…
Below is more info on the different types of abuse and neglect. Most of the horses die because when they finish the race they Maybe drugged beaten so they can win the race and sometimes horses dies when they don't have any rome for there head and Most people stab or shot a horse or even get stoned that means info is different types of abuse and neglect. 3 neglect is far and away the most common issue we handle. Neglect involves a wide scope of situations.Owner ignorance is the leading cause of horse neglect. Financial setbacks are another.Apathy is a third cause and chemical dependency is yet another. 4 Neglect is when people or owner ignore horses
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