Short Summary: Julius Caesar As A Roman Genius

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Julius Caesar was a Roman Genius. Julius Caesar was a master at public speaking as well as getting people to do what he wants. The way Julius Caesar could just give a speech and by the end would have the crowd on his side, no matter the topic. Even though Julius Caesar could win people over through his speeches he also was a military mastermind. Julius Caesar led many attacks to expand Rome’s empire into northern Gaul which helped Rome to conquer most of modern day Europe. Julius Caesar was a Roman Genius and Mastermind because of his intelligence in war and strategies to gain power, and also because the way he could shift the roman Government and roman people to his favor. According to, when Julius Caesar was starting to become famous in Rome, his fame came from his strategic mastermind during war. Julius Caesar’s war strategies are straight from instinct. The site goes on to explain that a great example of Julius Caesar’s war strategies is when he was in his thirties when he was sent over to Hispania to deal with a very violent group of rebels. During this time Julius Caesar was ambushed by the rebels. Julius Caesar and his men were in a lot of danger but Julius Caesar immediately made them bring the…show more content…
Julius Caesar wanted to be apart of the Roman consul which gave immense power in government and also gave him his own province with his own military which he runs. In particular Julius Caesar was really only interested in only one province which was Gaul. Gaul provide loads of wealth, power, and he would be able to expand to the north. At this time Julius Caesar was gaining popularity with the Roman people. In his attempt at being a consul, he appealed to many normal people of Rome helped him grow in popularity but also since he was fighting for change made the aristocrats who are very conservation at this time not liking Julius
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