Short Summary Of Katherine Paterson's 'Bridge To Terabithia'

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Bridge to Terabithia

Good day Mrs .. and class
My Topic for discussion today is on “Bridge to Terabithia”written by Katherine Paterson… one of the most classic books you may ever read about Friendship, Imagination and Loss!
Bridge to Terabithia is inspired by a true story of the author 's son and his best friend. In the second grade, Paterson 's son, David, became best friends with a girl named Lisa, who was tragically killed when she was struck by lightning. Paterson found herself being unable to explain the loss to her son and ended up writing Bridge to Terabithia.
Katherine Paterson wrote the book to try to make sense out of a tragedy that seemed senseless!!
So this is how it all went down.. a short overview of the story..
Jess Aarons is an eleven-year-old boy, who is quite insecure in his identity. He has a hard family life. He likes to draw and to run, and is kind of lonely; he 's out-of-place in his family and the only person he really gets along with is his little sister May Belle. He dreams of being the fastest boy in the fifth grade, hoping that that he will get a chance to stand in the spotlight among his five sisters, which might win him the attention of his preoccupied father.. In addition, his family is stretched so tight by poverty that he has little chance to really explore his own identity during this crucial period of adolescence.
He has built up the importance of winning in his mind, feeling that, at least, that that will be something that allow him
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