Short Summary Of Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

The story takes place 1830’s England.
A woman is found on the street near a workhouse and dies just after giving birth to a boy who gets the name Oliver Twist. The first nine years of Oliver’s life he lives in a home for young orphans and where then send out to work in a workhouse.
One day when Oliver was asking for more food after a meal, which was sort of a crime. The village beadle, Mr. Bumble, went out and offered money to any person who would take Oliver away from the workhouse. Mr. Sowerberry, the city’s undertaker, took Oliver to work in his coffin-shop. The other workers were cruel to him and always tried to make him feel bad and even told him once that his mother was a bad person that deserved to die. He was a boy that nobody wanted. Oliver decide after a time to escape from the coffin-shop to go to London. A seven day walk, without any money or food.

On his way to London he meets a boy at the same age, Dawkins. Dawkins introduced Oliver to Fagin that offers him shelter. Fagin is a criminal boss of a gang who trains young poor boys in to pick-pocking for him and he has young adults to do bigger crimes the earn their money.
One day Oliver got sent out with two other boys to pick pocking. When he sees, the boys take a handkerchief from a gentleman he got so scared, that he runs away from the place. He gets caught but the when the police speaks to Oliver they can’t believe that he took the handkerchief from the man, and gets free to
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